2014 July 28
Stop by to contribute to the spirit of public art on Governors Island!

How can what is discarded and headed for land-fill be revalued and transformed into somethign useful, and, perhaps, beautiful? Join us to find out! CDR Studio Architects will be hosting a workshop for our Governor's Cup Pavilion on Saturday August 16, 2014. The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for the public to engage in architecture and construction.  view full article

A DIY sensibility of participation and dialogue is at the heart of the Governor’s Cup design, construction and installation. The workshop aims to complete the construction of a serpentine extension of the Governor’s Cup Pavilion, extending the structure through a line of trees adjacent to the site. The pavilion is composed of recycled plastic cup units which are joined in patterns forming larger modules. The modules are configured with structural strategies inspired by crochet knitting techniques as well as in response to the specifics forms of the trees on the island. 

In addition to this unique and fun experience, music and snacks will be provided for all.                                                                                                            

Time: Saturday August 16th from 11:00am – 5:00pm

The Pavilion is located on the southwest side of the Parade Ground.

2014 June 25
The Governor's Cup Pavilion Featured in INHABITAT, UNTAPPEDCITIES and ARTNET.

The Governor's Cup Pavilion has been receiving wonderful news coverage as it continues to delight its viewers throughout the summer. Says Artnet: "Particularly striking is CDR Studio's 'Governor’s Cup,' a collection of plastic cups that have been woven together with zip ties to create low, curving walls, surprisingly comfortable seating, hanging curtains suspended from evergreen trees, and, at least during the festival, fanciful capes.”  view full article

The Pavilion will be on display at Governors Island until the end of the season. You can read the articles here, here and here.

2014 June 16
Governor's Cup Published in Wall Street Journal

CDR Studio is proud to announce that our Governor's Cup installation was published in today's Wall Street Journal.  view full article

Check out the Greater New York section for more details, or if you are a subscriber, take a look online. 

2014 May 19
CDR Studio Commissioned by the Ronald Bladen Estate

The Ronald Bladen Estate has commissioned CDR to research and document eight sculptures with the goal of future fabrication of the pieces. Bladen has been called one of the father figures of Minimal Art.  view full article

The intricately complex interior superstructures of the sculptures belie hard-edged simplicity in their external appearance. CDR is honored to undertake the project.

2014 March 25
CDR Studio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for "Governor's Cup"

CDR Studio is excited to announce the launch of its Kickstarter Campaign! Funding will contribute to the construction of our "Governor's Cup" Pavilion, the winning design of the "City of Dreams Pavilion 2013-2014 Design Competition."  view full article

Inspired by tape-lace crochet, the pavilion uses over 30,000 recycled plastic cups bound by zip-ties to form a densley-knit serpentine structure. A lacy infill of cups between the tape structure and branches of the trees creates an outdoor room. The Pavilion will be assembled on Governors lsand in the spring of 2014 and will be on display all summer long.

Please visit www.cdrgovcup.com to learn more about the project!


2014 January 9
CDR Studio Wins City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition 2014!

In partnership with AIANY’s Emerging New York Architect (ENYA) committee and the Structural Engineers Association of New York, the competition selected a pavilion designed by a young designer or practice.  view full article

Inspired by tape-lace crochet, CDR's pavilion uses recycled plastic cups bound by zip-ties to form a densely-knit serpentine structure. A lacy infill of cups between the tape structure and branches of the trees creates an outdoor room. The “Governor’s Cup” Pavilion will be assembled on the island in the spring of 2014 and be on display all summer long.

2013 November 21
Hoboken Pavilion Featured in Issue of Interior Design Magazine

The Hoboken Pavilion was featured in the October 2013 issue of Interior Design. The spread explains the inspiration for the project and details of its construction, particularly focusing on the green aspects of its design.  view full article

CDR Studio designed the pavilion for the garden of a town house in Hoboken, New Jersey. The structure features sapele wood cells, a canopy of laminated tempered glass, and recycled aluminium support.

Posted with permission from Interior Design (http://www.interiordesign.net/)

2013 October 31
CDR Studio Entry a Jury Selection for the Final Phase of the Waterfront Gateway Design Competition!

CDR Studio is thrilled to announce that our design proposal has been a jury selection for the final phase of the Waterfront Gateway Design Competition! CDR has partnered with DLand Studio and Vanguardia Development to create a proposal at the scale of the New Rochelle Armory as well as the larger waterfront/urban context. The public, open competition was created by the City of New Rochelle to seek out architectural design proposals and a workable development program for the New Rochelle historic military armory, its 2.92 acre site, and three adjacent land parcels, all located along the Long Island Sound's Echo Bay.  view full article

CDR provided a comprehensive proposal and innovative development solution for the downtown site that links the commercial and residential core of New Rochelle to the waterfront of the Long Island Sound.  CDR conceives of the Armory as a public portal that allows for new connections to the long-abused coastal edge. Together with DLand’s proposed conversion of mud-flats to wetlands, the New Rochelle Armory Portal is programmed as a threshold bridging New Rochelle’s urban fabric and it’s lost waterfront.

Below is an image of the Armory Portal. CDR re-imagines the Armory as a shared room of passage from the city to the park, creating a space that is flexible and offers a location shared public entities.

2013 October 1
@rtifacts Installation by CDR Studio for Arts@Renaissance

Please join us for the opening party, which will be held Saturday, October 12, 2013, from 5PM - 8PM. It will take place at the Arts@Renaissance studio space, located at 2 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn.  view full article

@rtifacts is a large-scale installation composed of deconstructed plastic bottles and solar LEDs. Transforming trash into art and an obstructive fence into an invitation, this canpoy marquee will expand the presence of Arts@Renaissance in the neighborhood and illuminate an act of design activism. For more information, please visit our project blog: http://cdr-artifacts.tumblr.com
2013 September 30
CDR Studio is a Finalist for the City of Dreams Pavilion Competition!

CDR Studio was selected as a finalist for the FIGMENT/ENYA/SEAoNY City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition 2014, located on Governors Island. The Competition is a two-stage process: a jury of leading architects and other industry professionals has reviewed the initial submissions and selected our submission as one of the finalists. We had the opportunity to revise our proposal and resubmit. The jury will meet again and select the competition winner by October 31, 2013.  view full article

The Governor’s Cup Pavilion hovers in a cluster of trees on the northern side of the Parade Ground. Recycled plastic cups, sourced and discarded throughout the city, are supported by zip-ties from overhead cables, forming a dense knitted structure unspooling from the branches. The configuration forms an outdoor room, shimmering in the sun and echoing with breeze-driven sound.

You can view more about the competition here: